At the Zurich Airport

Today I am at the airport waiting to board my flight from:  Zurich –> Amsterdam –> Edinburgh.

I still can’t believe that I will actually be attending TEDGlobal 2013! I am both excited and nervous about this opportunity. The people I will be meeting there are most likely leaps and bounds beyond where I stand in life right now.

They have just begun boarding, I thought I would have more time to work on my first blog post. I guess it’s a good sign!

Hopefully, I have purged myself of all my flight troubles on my last trip. (I say this with caution)

Unfortunately some of the TEDxOrganizers Workshop events have already begun this morning. I should arrive in time for the TEDxOrganizers hike to Arthur’s Seat though and I am very glad that I decided to bring my camera. (even if it’s one of the heaviest things in my bag!)

For those of you following, I will post again tonight!


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