Day 4: Half way there!

Wednesday was a crazy day in many ways.

The morning started with Session 4 titled: “Money Talks”. I feel as if I have earned an undergraduate degree in Economics just by sitting in the audience. There were some great points made about the current state of our global economy and the different factors that contribute to the instability we face in the western world.

Dider Sornette really stole the show for me. His team working from the ETH in Zurich has been abe to diagnose the market very accurately based on a new theory he had titled “dragon-kings”. The funny thing is that his theory mimics other biological processes such as birth or epileptic seizures. So, he reasons that it should really come as no surprise that when the market and economy are doing extremely well, this inflation and high volatility leads to an inevitable release (often in form of a drastic loss).

The other highlight from this session was former pick-pocket Apollo Robbins who made a fool of one of our audience members for our entertainment, but also made a fool of us (the audience) in the process. While he took the mans wallet, watch and credit card (while he was fully aware he would be pick-pocketed), he managed to somehow change his shirt without anyone in the audience noticing. Concluding, he posed the question “If you could hold someones full attention, what would you do with that time and power?”.

We then had a quick networking break and i went to play ping -pong with the droid robots.

The next session was one of my favorites  Titled: Listening to Nature, it feature Bernie Krause, Marla Spivak, Yaron Herman, and Suyzanna Herculano-Heuzel. Bernie’s talk was probably the standout, beside the wonderful improvised composition Yaron played on the piano. Bernie Krause talked about the unobserved effect selective logging could still have on the biophony of a geographical location. This effect can show us exactly how greatly we are damaging an area.

We then turned the world on its head and discussed the outliers, but I think at the point my concentration faded a bit, or maybe the talked just couldn’t really hold up to the others I had heard so far.

However, after this section the real winners of the day came out. There were multiple scientific advanced that were shared, and I will explain more of them later once I post my notes, but basically the sessions title was “regeneration, and it was just that. We discussed the brain often and new ways to administer vaccines. The new method of administering vaccines is actually an idea Chris Rogers shared with me 5 years or so ago. He said, “one day all you will have to do is touch your skin to administer a drug”. Well maybe we haven’t gotten that far just yet, but there will be a patch very soon that you can simply stick on your skin. More importantly, this patch is pain-free, doesn’t require liquid vaccines and requires 1/6 of the potency of any drug being administered.


Concluding this day TEDx organizers were invited to a tapas bar by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and and food was absolutely wonderful. I then went home and took full advantage of the additional sleep I would be receiving.  This is why I didn’t post last night. My apologies to those of your that were waiting on a story.


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